Know your stuff


  1. Be fully trained, sign up for at least one Manager training date, a mid-season head office visit and at least one induction date
  2. Complete and pass all relevant online learning courses no later than 2 weeks prior to the first induction day in your region
  3. Get up to speed with programmes (which camp is running what) and venue specific information via the on the OnCamp Dashboard
  4. Read the Induction Day workbook and prepare accordingly


Know your people


  1. Two weeks prior to camp starting, contact all managers in your region (Site and Assistant), call, message or set up a ‘WhatsApp’ group conversation
  2. Check over the teams working on each camp (check core team and bank staff) on the staff details PDF report (download from the OnCamp dashboard)
  3. Check rotas for any staff availability limitations
  4. Check the online learning report (contracted staff grades) and remind staff of the requirement to be fully knowledgeable and trained


Prepare your region


  1. Check all Site and Assistant Managers have access to the OnCamp dashboard (that their logins work etc.)
  2. Attend and co-lead Induction Day(s)
  3. Communicate site specific issues (and solutions!) with Managers prior to camp
  4. Check online child registers to ensure there are enough staff to meet required ratios (registers available to download via the OnCamp dashboard)
  5. Hold levels of stock and staff uniforms to replenish camps as necessary


Lead your region to greatness!


  1. Be available – you are the first point of contact for Managers in your region and may need to step into a Site Manager position if required
  2. Be a first point of contact for managers in your region, troubleshooting, dealing with recruitment problems, responding to incidents and providing advice
  3. Deal with issues – promptly deal with accidents or incidents, follow the right processes, you are the responsible person for child protection in your region
  4. Get involved – help Managers to rota correctly, ensuring there are first aid and Key Stage One qualified individuals on site at all times
  5. Connect with Heather Holdcroft, Recruitment Manager for any additional staff required
  6. Maintain the highest standards – all staff in full uniform, you must carry and keep record of additional uniform stock
  7. Do the paperwork – all incidents and complaints logged on the OnCamp Dashboard no later than the end of each day
  8. Carry out weekly quantitative camp audits, complete Manager evaluations at each visit, highlight areas for improvement and upload to the OnCamp Dashboard by Friday of each week
  9. Monitor staff development and reward greatness on each camp, report back rising stars and coaching award nominations, email the names of any outstanding Red Tops who have excelled to at the end of the week
  10. Submit timesheets and expenses on time


Finish well & ensure you and the Red Tops get paid


  1. Ensure all camps are closed effectively with a mind to venue relations, stocktake and equipment packing, venue left tidy and signed-off by venue representative
  2. Stock-check, pack equipment, unused stock ready for collection
  3. Audits and evaluations uploaded to the OnCamp Dashboard
  4. Timesheets emailed to by 12 noon Saturday
  5. Your timesheets and expenses claim forms emailed to Heather Holdcroft post camp
  6. End of season review written up on the OnCamp Dashboard


What we at HQ communicate to Managers in your region


  1. We’ve an essential information for Managers guide, available here
  2. Induction day dates and times
  3. Online Learning requirements and follow up
  4. Staff rotas, emailed weekly with camp requirements
  5. Red Tops page on Facebook – the place for sharing great ideas and knowing who’s who
  6. The new OnCamp Dashboard access – for Manager reports and information
  7. Central Manager / Regional Manager ‘WhatsApp’ groups – for whole team communication