Essential Information

In order for you to be fully prepared for camp, please read the following information carefully and ask any questions in advance if you are unsure.

All planning resources and forms are available via the OnCamp DashboardPlease note that the old “Team Site” page has also been moved here, for you to access all the information in one place.

What to do now:

Pre-camp communication with your team

Please make contact with your staff team

  • Introduce who you are
  • Share your contact details
  • Invite them to induction day
  • Set out your expectations as a Manager (example emails are available within the Online learning content)
  • Ensure all staff have completed their online learning in advance of induction day.
  • Discuss experience and preferences with staff; choose the right coaches for the right roles (age groups, sports, challenges, etc.) E.g.“Returning staff” should be on the registration table on the first day.
  • Plan age groups following the standard ratios. Check your child numbers on the reporting site and the suggested groupings generated by the system
  • Be creative and prepare a smart but flexible timetable where staff can refer to when looking for structure and guidance. (You can find the timetable format with correct timings in the OnCamp Dashboard.)


Pre-camp communication with your venue

Please use OnCamp Dashboard (via link above) to find your venue specific information (such as facility availability) and venue contact name/number. Please read through the site before contacting your venue and ensure you are polite and respectful to venue staff at all times. Remember to:

  • Introduce who you are
  • Communicate the times you will want access to the building/facilities
  • Ask where the equipment will be stored (so that you can access it on induction day)
  • Ask if that person will be your point contact for the week /if they will be on site should you have any queries
  • Ask if there’s any additional information you need to be aware of


Induction Days

  • Details of all Induction days are available here. The day is compulsory so you need to ensure your team makes every effort to attend.
  • If any staff notify you they are unavailable, you must ask them if they can attend for part of the day to run through the essential information.
  • If staff say they cannot attend at all, you must notify Head Office either on  0114 263 2155 or via email


Eligibility to Work in the UK checks

In line with the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006, all staff (including you) must provide evidence of eligibility to work in the UK so remember to take your passport/national identity card, or a valid work-permit with you.

  • On induction day, you must check validity of each staff member’s passport (including likeness to the individual, dates, watermarks, size and photograph ID); These must be originals, no photocopies)
  • Scan or take a photograph of the passport – the holder’s personal details page – nationality, photograph, date of birth, signature, date of expiry bio metric details (For non-passport holders, take a picture or scan all documents in full)
  • Fill out the Eligibility form (under ‘weekly camp data’ on your dashboard), recording when you have seen each staff member’s passport/documents
  • Email the passport pictures and the short form to at the end of induction day.
  • In line with data protection, delete the sent email and the information from your smartphone/tablet device.


Kings Camps Online Learning

  • Online Learning course information, including access queries, what courses are relevant for each member of the team and programme information is available here.


Working Hours

  • All staff hours will be forecasted and communicated to you by Head Office via an excel Rota, you’ll receive this via email the Thursday or Friday before camp.
  • We appreciate this is a forecast and things may change so ensure you update it if child numbers increase or staff availability changes.
  • Remember – Any changes in availability must come through head office either on 0114 263 2155 or via email



  • We forecast the hours we think you and your team will work based on current child numbers and will email you an excel rota the week before camp begins (and each week thereafter) but we appreciate things change during camp so we ask you to edit the excel timesheets and return back to us via email with the actual hours you and your team worked that week.
  • Excel timesheets MUST be sent promptly via email each Saturday or you’ll miss payroll and your team won’t be paid on time!
  • Please ensure that all staff sign in/sign out each day on camp to avoid any discrepancies with hours worked (a short form is available on the OnCamp Dashboard entitled ‘staff timesheet’)



  • All camp resources will be delivered in advance of induction day to the venue itself.
  • Staff will be required to wear their uniform correctly and look smart at all times
  • At induction, staff must sign for any uniform items they receive (we’ve included a Uniform Handout Record in the OnCamp Dashboard)
  • New Red Tops won’t need to do a thing, simply sign their contract,  select a size and we’ll ensure their uniform is ready.
  • If a member of staff has worked already this year, all their uniform information should show as ‘packed’ on their contract dashboard but if anyone would like any new/additional items, advise that they must order these through the ‘Uniform Requests’ section of their contract dashboard. 
  • Remember to check how the equipment is delivered to you, please send it back accordingly. Use the checklists provided in the OnCamp Dashboard for this purpose.
  • If there is any need to request for any additional equipment or resources during camp, please do so via the OnCamp Dashboard, remember to check the status of your request as questions may be asked by the warehouse team.
  • Please bear in mind that during shorter seasons, it’s unlikely additional requests/resources can be fulfilled.


On-Camp support and communication 

  • A Regional Manager will be in place to support you throughout camp, they will contact you and will be your first point of contact to troubleshoot, deal with staffing issues, respond to incidents and provide advice.
  • You may also be invited into a central WhatsApp group for all Site Managers and key head office personnel.


Social Media

  • Photos: Please try and get more of a focus on photos (rather than videos!) Photos that are close up, showing children laughing and enjoying sport are fantastic- make sure you have permission for the children to be involved in photos and no photos in the pool area. Don’t forget to tag the name of the venue on each picture and photo album!
  • Stories: It’s great to hear about your achievements and how you’ve helped a child achieve a goal (however small) – Please do post these stories as it’s great to share the work of great individuals (don’t be shy)!
  • Post any of the above onto the Kings Camps UK Staff page:


Post Camp

  • Equipment should be packed,accounted for and ready for collection.
  • Ensure venues are left clean and tidy and you complete the end of camp sign off signed by the venue representative.
  • Complete Weekly and Season Reports on OnCamp Dashboard for your venue.
  • Upload any last minute incident/complaints.
  • E-mail electronic timesheet back to by 12 noon on Saturday to confirm hours worked.
  • Do not leave any non-generic paperwork in coaches’ bags, the manager’s folder or the manager’s box.
  • Child details should be shredded or posted back to head office in the freepost grey envelopes.
  • Master Registers, Expenses claim forms, Incident forms, Staff Timesheets, Staff evaluations and any other sensitive data should also be posted in here.