Activities for Teens

For teens we offer Multi Active (up to age 14) and Rookie Academy (15 -17). Each programme offers fun and social sessions and are developed to build confidence, leadership skills and a variety of life skills.

See below for more details on each programme.

Multi Active

Multi-Active offers an energetic, challenging and progressive camp experience. It’s an opportunity for 12 – 14 year olds to enjoy sports, challenges and make friends they’ll keep forever. Delivered by our high-energy coaches, activities range from Football, Cricket and Swim sessions to Dodgeball, Capture the flag and lots more.

Our Multi Active programme for Teens is designed to develop core skills and develop confidence.


To achieve this they’ll take part in team games, individual pursuits and social games. Each activity is chosen to develop at least one of these skills, giving them lots of opportunities to develop during their time on camp.

Rookie Academy

Rookie Academy is an amazing opportunity for young people to get more out of their school holidays. From the age of 15, they can opt to join this programme where they will work alongside Red Tops to develop their leadership skills and train to become a coach.

It’s made up of three levels, and each level takes at least two weeks to complete and requires a minimum number of practical hours to be logged. A maximum of one level can be completed each season.

During each level, Rookies will receive:


The Rookie Academy, and specifically Level 3 has been quality assured and endorsed by 1st4sport. The programme links practical experience and activities into theory and helps each Rookie develop many skills that can be used later in life. These include leadership, organisation skills, confidence, self reflection and problem solving. A Level 3 Diploma certificate is available on completion of all 3 levels. This can be added to their CV and included in any college or university applications.

Using the workbook, Rookies will be supported by Red Tops to complete tasks and learn about the role. Topics include health & safety, planning & delivering sessions, managing child behaviour, assessing & analysing performance and setting targets. Rookies assist Red Tops in sessions and progress to lead their own sessions. All of this practical experience is recorded in their log book.

Rookie Academy is a great opportunity to kick start a coaching career and develop leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. After completing the programme and turning 18, many Rookies return to Kings and work for us as Red Tops. Read more about working for us here.


Rookie Certificates

Each level takes a minimum of 2 weeks to complete and only one level can be completed each season. To complete the final assessment of each level, you must have logged the relevant number of hours, as detailed below.

  • Level 1 – Log minimum 5 hours practical work

  • Level 2 – Log minimum 10 hours practical work

  • Level 3 – Log minimum 15 hours practical work

  • 1st4sport Level 3 Diploma Certificate on completion of all levels