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Childcare vouchers are welcome

If you get childcare vouchers from your employer, you can use them to pay for your child’s Kings Camps experience. Being approved by Ofsted means we accept all types of childcare vouchers, and you can even combine them with the various special discounts we provide (link to where the discounts are discussed).
We’re more than happy to take childcare vouchers as part payment too. Even if you don’t have the full amount in Childcare Vouchers, you can still save on our enormously popular day camps.

How to use your childcare vouchers with us

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Where can I use childcare vouchers?”, it’s good to know you can use them to fund unique Kings Camps experiences for your child.

Using childcare vouchers more than 4 weeks before your child joins us

1. Complete the booking process
2. On the payment page, click the ‘Pay by childcare vouchers’ option
3. Pay a £1 deposit by credit or debit card
4. We set up an automatic payment schedule, so we’ll need your childcare vouchers before the dates on the schedule. Otherwise our system will charge your card

Using childcare vouchers less than 4 weeks before your child joins us

1. Complete the booking process
2. Pay the full amount by credit or debit card
3. Send us your childcare vouchers and we’ll refund your card


  • Please allow 3 to 4 days for your childcare vouchers to reach us from your provider
  • We will automatically refund any charges to your credit or debit card when we get your vouchers, no matter when we get them
  • Please include your name and postcode
  • Ideally we like to get your payment at least a week before the deadline so we can make sure the money is credited to your account in good time
  • If you make payment using childcare vouchers we’ll refund your card for the amount paid for with the vouchers
  • Remember – your childcare vouchers can only be used in England

If we haven’t listed your childcare voucher provider below, let us know. Because we’re registered with Ofsted we can work with every childcare voucher provider in England.

Childcare Voucher Provider

ID/Account number

Allsave Search ‘Kings Camps’
Apple Childcare CA0000864 / CA00001272
Care4 44591694
Chamber Childcare / MYCCI A1401
Childcare Plus (P&MM) Search ‘Kings Camps’
Mid-Counties Co-operative / Imagine Childcare 85000676
Computershare (Formerly Busy Bees) 0007822285
Corporate Childcare Vouchers Search ‘Kings Camps’
Edenred (Formerly Accor) P212053
Employers For Childcare Charitable Group Search ‘Kings Camps’
Fair Care Services Limited Search ‘Kings Camps’
Fideliti KIN030C/KIN019C
Gemelli K10364
KiddiVouchers Search ‘Kings Camps’
Kids Unlimited (Now Computershare) 0019547380
Leapfrog Day Nurseries / CVS 3112
Linking Up Search ‘Kings Camps’
My Family Care Vouchers Search ‘Kings Camps’
Rascals Vouchers Limited Search ‘Kings Camps’
RG Childcare Vouchers Search ‘Kings Camps’
Sodexo Pass / Saycare Pass 132379
South Gloucestershire Council 753360
You @ Work 8338