Information for Parents

All the information you need about our camps, from what to bring on your first day, to how we’ve adapted our programmes due to Covid-19.

You’ll see additional information regarding Covid-19 adaptations in these yellow boxes below.

Before Your First Day

Please log into your account and update your Account Details and details of your Children to ensure everything is correct.
You can view the times of your camp within Bookings on your account.
You’ll need your membership number for registration – this can be found on the Membership Card in your account.

You will find answers to our most commonly asked questions in our FAQs below.

What to Bring to Camp Each Day

Below you will find a helpful checklist of what to bring each day. Facilities and guidance at each venue vary, so we always recommend checking your venue page for accurate details of facilities, directions and important messages.

A timetable of activities will be displayed for each group when you arrive on camp.
Check your child’s group with the Site Manager on your first day so you can see what activities are timetabled throughout the week.

You will need

  • Snacks to cover up to 3 breaks and lunch. Please provide plenty of water and drinks for the day. (Note: Due to coronavirus, water fountains may not be in use)

  • Swimming Kit inc. Towel – bring with you on your first day. (Unsure what facilities are at your venue? Please check here.)

  • Change of clothes for Wet Wednesday activities each Wednesday (n/a during Half-Term camps)

  • Prepare for all weather! (Clothing suitable for indoors & outdoors – inc. sun hat, sun cream, raincoat)

  • Hand sanitiser if you have it. We will ask every child to wash their hands as they enter and leave the building each day (as well as key points throughout the day)

  • Pack of tissues so that should they need to they can ‘Catch it, Kill it and Bin it’. Some tissues will also be available on site

  • Books or other reading materials for occasions when we offer breaks from activity for short periods.

  • Pencil crayons for colouring/drawing (arts & crafts provided, but limited due to restrictions on children sharing).

  • Facemask (Scotland: for all ages, England & Wales: aged 12 & over)

You won’t need

  • Mobile phone – must not be brought to or used on camp. Where necessary, they should be kept in bags until the end of the day

  • Sports equipment – we’ve got plenty!

  • Money – we don’t provide tuck shops

  • Valuables such as expensive watches and non-essential jewellery

Note: We’ve added additional items this year such as hand-sanitiser, pens and books – see list above

Securely Checking Your Child In & Out

The safety of your child is paramount and our commitment to safeguarding means that we need to ensure that we register your child on arrival and have a secure signing out process. We’ll ask for your membership number as a security measure when collecting your children. As part of our Covid procedures we will be operating a ‘Contactless Registration’, where staff will sign your child in and out.

The process for drop off and collection will be:

  • A staff member will be present at the entrance to register your child and remind you of the importance of your membership number. On collection walkie talkies will be used to announce when parents arrive, and we will bring your child to the entrance for you
  • Parents must quote their membership number for their child but will not be asked to sign anything, the staff member will place their own initials on the register on behalf of the collecting parent
  • Children over the age of 11 can sign themselves out if the parent registered their consent when booking
Note: Each venue may operate slightly differently due to individual restrictions.

Additional Operating Procedures for COVID-19

Having worked with over 2 million children throughout our 30-year history, we understand how to create safe environments where children can be active, have fun and learn with others.

In response to the unique challenge of COVID-19, we have developed and tested COVID-specific operating procedures, and these will be integrated into our standard operating procedures.

Our guiding principle for all policies and procedures is that we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Safer recruitment is central to the way we work and all staff and volunteers are expected to share our commitment to safeguarding, always creating an environment where young people feel safe and can thrive. COVID-specific procedures will be integrated into staff training, and our audit process to ensure they are adhered to.

Our three key principles

1. Follow social distancing guidelines

Following government guidelines, it is likely we will continue to operate in consistent groups of children, each group being led by the same coach throughout the week, and separate from other groups. We have reduced the number of children, and incorporated Covid-adapted activities, staggered break-times, and a focus of being outdoors as much as possible.

2. Operate higher levels of hygiene

Children will be required to sanitise their hands when they arrive and be reminded to wash their hands throughout the day, not just when using the bathroom. Parents should pack hand sanitiser and tissues for their children. We will undertake regular cleaning of high-touch points and equipment.

3. Provide specific supervision

We want to ensure that everyone is able to have fun in a safe environment, so our staff will supervise hand-washing, monitor children for signs of infection and make sure that we’re complying with the latest government guidance.

We continue to monitor Government guidelines and there may be changes to the above.

FAQs on COVID-19

What happens if a child is showing symptoms of Covid-19 whilst attending camp?

All members are asked to declare that their household is showing no signs of Covid-19 symptoms prior to attendance. Our staff are trained on the signs of Covid-19 and will isolate the child and call their parents for collection. We will provide reminders of the government guidance when showing symptoms.

I have made a booking, but what happens if my camp can’t go ahead due to Covid-19?

If we (Kings Camps) have to cancel the camp this year, you will be entitled to a full refund. We will email you regarding the cancellation and include details of how to claim your refund.

I’ve not yet booked, should I wait until nearer the time to see if camp definitely goes ahead?

To ensure we can observe social distancing, our total numbers on camp have been reduced, so we advise to book as soon as you can to guarantee your place. If we (Kings Camps) has to cancel camp, you’ll be entitled to a full refund via the method you paid.

Does my child need to wear a facemask?

All secondary school aged children should bring their own facemasks and may be asked to wear them when transitioning through the venue where social distancing is not possible. In Scotland, all children (aged 5 and over) should have a facemask to hand, each venue has slightly different rules, so better to be prepared. Facemasks are only required for transitioning through the venue and can be removed when active.

Will there be testing on-camp, like there is in schools?

All secondary school pupils should continue to follow the Dfe testing guidelines as set out by their school policies.

Does my child need to have a negative test in order to attend camp?

Children under the age of 11 do not need to have a test to attend camp. Children in secondary school should continue with testing (as part of their school’s policy). Anyone with symptoms (even if recently had a negative LFD test result), should self-isolate in line with Government guidance. A PCR test should be taken as soon as possible.

We’ve decided not to send our child due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, can I get a refund?

Where our camps are still going ahead, our standard cancellation policy applies. Further details can be found here

We want to attend camp from overseas, are you still accepting children from other countries?

As many countries have travel restrictions in place and with the UK’s quarantine period, it is making it very difficult for international children to attend camp. However, if you have been able to travel and have quarantined as outlined by the UK government; we’re happy for children to attend (assuming our standard booking conditions are met).

Health and Safety on Camp

Are you Ofsted registered?

Yes, all Kings Camps in England are registered on Ofsted’s voluntary register. We work closely with Ofsted to ensure we work within their helpful and proven guidelines.

What is your safeguarding policy?

The Kings Foundation is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Safer recruitment is central to the way we work and all staff and volunteers are expected to share our commitment to safeguarding, always creating an environment where young people feel safe and can thrive. You can read more on our safeguarding policy here.

My child has a medical condition – can they still attend?

We trust that you will give us as much information as possible about any medical condition your child has before camp starts – please share full details on your account at the time of booking. All information will remain confidential with the Red Tops at your venue. Please read our Additional Needs Policy

My child has a nut allergy, can you assist?

Absolutely. All of our camps are ‘Nut Free’, meaning we do not allow nuts of any kind onto camp. Please speak to our membership team if your child requires an EpiPen.

What about insurance?

All of our camps have full public liability and employer’s liability insurance cover giving you extra peace of mind.

What happens if my child has an accident?

Bumps and scrapes happen from time to time. Each camp has at least one first aid qualified coach who can make an assessment, deliver first aid and ensure your child is OK. A form will be completed detailing exactly what happened and the action taken and this will be discussed with you at the end of the camp day. If a more serious incident or accident occurs, we will contact your immediately. We have tried and tested policies in place to ensure your child is safe on camp: Click here to read in more detail

Policies on Bullying , Child protection, Behaviour & Complaints

We have comprehensive policies and procedures relating to bullying, child protection, behaviour and complaints. Please click here for our policies

Making and Changing Bookings

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, we accept all childcare vouchers in England – Click here for more information.

What should I do if my child is sick or unable to attend?

If your child is sick and too unwell to attend camp, you can call our membership team on 0114 263 2160 who will be able to inform the site manager. They will also be able to advise on the best time for your child to return to camp to prevent other children becoming ill.

Can I book individual days or short weeks?

Our camps can only be booked as a full week experience, 8.15am – 5.30pm. The timetable is planned throughout the week to build confidence, learn and develop skills all whilst making friendships.

Can I make changes to my booking?

Yes, you can call us to change the programme or change your booking to an alternative week, subject to availability.  Please provide as much notice as possible (minimum of 24 hours before your child’s first day) We’re unable to move individual days or part weeks. Click here for our cancellation terms and conditions.

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you provide food & drink?

No. Children should bring a packed lunch and snacks for morning and afternoon breaks, in addition to a refillable drink bottle with their name on it. Please note that we have a NO NUTS policy on camp. (Please note: at our Liverpool camp, we follow strict Kosher requirements)

Will my child be grouped with friends?

Many children arrive not knowing other children and part of attending Kings is developing new friendships. Please be aware we’re unable to guarantee friend requests due to camp numbers and ratios. Changes to groups can be requested to the Site Manager on a Tuesday morning.

What time can I drop off & collect my child?

Child drop-off will be from 8.15am-9.30am and collection will be from 4.00pm-5.30pm. ​You can arrive anytime within these times, but please allow extra time due to our adapted registration and pick-up procedures. Please note: Our camps for military families operate different hours. Please check your booking confirmation or venue page for more details.

What if I’m running late / need to arrive later or pick up early?

Please don’t worry! Oure times are designed to be flexible for families. If you arrive after 9.30am, access to the venue may be limited for the safety of the children. If arriving after this time and you’re unable to gain access, please call the membership team on 0114 2632160 who will contact the camp manager.  If you’re running late at the end of the day, and you believe you’ll not arrive by 5.30pm please call the membership team.

What age does my child need to be?

Our programmes are suitable for children who have had their 5th birthday by the time they attend camp. We have programmes suitable for children up to 17 years.

Can my child choose the activities they do on camp?

Our programmes are structured to bring the best out of every child and are timetabled to make the most of the facilities, the group dynamics and of course, the weather. Our experienced leaders know exactly how to ensure children on camp get active whilst having lots of fun. Although children cannot choose activities, our range of active games means there’s lots they’ll love!

Rookie Academy – what level will my child complete?

The Rookie Academy consists of 3 levels. Each level takes at least 2 weeks to complete and a minimum number of hours must be logged (see Rookie Academy for details) and is age & experience sensitive. For Rookie’s who’ve previously completed Level 1 or 2, they will start on Level 2. Those who have previously completed the programme will re-start on Level 2, with the aim to fast track to Level 3. Call our Membership Team for more details.

Swimming & Wet Wednesday

As restrictions are easing, most of our venues (with swimming facilities) will be running swim again. Check your local venue for details. Wet Wednesday will run every Wednesday (at venues with outdoor space or a swimming pool) during the Easter & summer holidays. During the half-term camps, due to colder weather Wet Wednesday’s will not take place.

What about outdoor activities?

We’ll be outside as much as weather permits at venues with outdoor space (Check here for facilities at your venue). Please ensure your child has clothing and shoes for both indoor and outdoor activities.

How do you select your staff?

All of our Red Tops undergo a thorough selection and preparation process including:
– Interview
– Professional and personal reference checks
– Registration and clearance with the Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) or Scotland’s PVG scheme
– Online training courses
– In-person induction
– On-the-job mentoring
– Performance evaluations and scoring

How do I claim lost property?

Please label clothing, drinks bottles and lunch boxes. We leave all lost property with the venue for 2 weeks after the last week of camp, so it easy for you to collect.

Can I contact my child?

If you need to contact your child whilst on camp, please call us on 0114 263 2160 and we’ll contact the Site Manager directly on your behalf.