1. You will receive an automated email letting you know you have a job offer waiting for you on your Kings Recruit profile. This is not a formal contract, rather a way of us saying we would like you on the Red Top team! Please follow the links on the email and click the ‘Job Offers’ icon on your profile. Here you will be able to view your job offer.
  2. Detail 2 relevant referees on your profile. One referee must be your present or most recent employer and one must be able to comment upon your experience working with children. Ensure you check there are no obvious mistakes in contact numbers or email addresses as your referees will be contacted as soon as you accept your job offer and must be in place before we can send you a formal contract!
  3. Upload your qualifications (such as early years, first aid, football, cricket, swimming or lifeguard certificates) to your profile to show you are suitably qualified for your chosen role.
  4. Accept your job offer as soon as possible in order to confirm you would like to work. If you are unable to accept the offer, please ensure you have completed your profile in full and have finalised all position requirements. If any are highlighted red you won’t be able to proceed until you have completed all required fields.
  5. We will assess child numbers and your references and issue a formal Kings Camps contract. Contracts will come through the same system, you will receive an email asking you to log on to your profile to read and sign your contract and you will then be asked to begin your pre – camp paperwork (such as your disclosure application to work with children.)
  6. If you have any queries along your Kings Camps journey, you can call us on 0114 263 2155 or email contractingteam@kingscamps.org. Congratulations again on your job offer!