FlexiCare Days

FlexiCare Days 2013-01-28T11:30:39+00:00

We know that holiday childcare can be a real problem for parents who need flexible and one-off days of childcare during the school holidays and that’s why we’ve introduced FlexiCare.

FlexiCare is a completely flexible method of booking a holiday activity camp with Kings Camps, giving you the choice of any days, in any week.

What does FlexiCare include?

FlexiCare gives you complete flexibility to choose just the days that you need holiday childcare for children up to the age of 14 years, while giving your child an action-packed day of fun, sport and activity at Kings Camps.

All FlexiCare days automatically include our extended hours from 8.15am until 5.45pm, giving you maximum value for money and fitting in with your working day.

What will my child do on FlexiCare?

Children attending Flexicare days will be grouped with other children of a similar age and enjoy our Multi-Active programme.  This means your child will enjoy a day packed full of our widest range of exciting sports and activities as well as being fully involved in the challenges, chants and competitions that Kings Camps is famous for.

Because we offer such a wide variety of activities at Kings Camps, it does mean that we cannot guarantee that all the activities included in a week-long package of Multi-Active.

However, every day at our activity camps is different and we can definitely guarantee that there will be lots of exciting sports, activities, games and crafts, together with themes, coaches’ challenges and competitions for children to enjoy.