For over 10 years we’ve worked in in partnership with the RNRMC for naval families, and are now working with Nato, Annington and the Army Welfare Service for other military families. We are proud to run Kings Camps at a number of Military Establishments eachyear.

For children attending the camps, they have the same recognisable and familiar Kings Camps feel, but for our Red Tops, those who bring camp to life, working on military bases is a whole difference experience, and one not to be missed this summer.

Whilst the day to day delivery of activities matches that of any other camp experience, working on a military base offers a residential experience like no other! , Being with your team 24/7, forming exclusive bonds and great friendships in a very different environment.

Having joined Kings Camps following a University Lecture in the Summer of 2021, 24-year-old Conor Colbert is no stranger to the Kings experience working away from home on Military camps, and he believes the opportunity is one every Red Top should Experience.

After gaining experience as a Multi-Sports Coach at camps in Chester and Liverpool during his first two seasons, Conor went onto experience our Military camps the following year, being posted to HMNB Devonport in Plymouth, Lomond School and HMNB Clyde in Helensburgh.

Speaking of the experience, the Liverpool-Hull University graduate said “I was hooked on Kings from the very first second I heard about it, in fact after the pitch from the talent engagement team – I spent my lecture signing up!

“One of my Site Managers during my first season, Esme, told me and my fellow Red Tops about the Military option and encouraged us to sign-up as a team – it took about 0.1 seconds for me to say yes, and I’m so glad I did, it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

The delivery of camp activities doesn’t change but it’s the whole wider experience that makes it worthwhile, you’re working on first class facilities, but you get a real insight into how a military base operates and quickly become accustomed to your surroundings.

For many the initial thought of all the hustle and bustle of a base can be quite daunting, but Kings Camps and their base partners do a really great job with additional training which teaches you what to listen out for and how to react in certain situations.

Once you get pass that, it becomes like a working holiday, as well as enhancing your coaching experience, it helps you grow as a person and build your confidence.

After the work has finished, you’re still spending times with your colleagues, heading out and socialising, so you quickly become friends and form a bond – I still speak to those who I experienced Military Camps with and have so many great memories with them.

One example I can give is being at HMNB Clyde [Helensburgh] where we got to participate in a Navy shooting simulation, we held a competition between us all and some of the Navy staff – it was amazing to experience a little taste of their job and share stories with them whilst having fun”


What does working on a Military Camp involve for a Red Top

  • Being away from home, based on the Military base for the contracted length – with accommodation provided and contributions made towards food and travel.
  • Having fun out of hours – once camp is finished, staying together as a team you’ll get to explore the local areas, with most Army and Navy bases being in some of the UKs most beautiful locations, you can spend your evenings having fish & chips on the beach, taking a dip in the sea and much more as you bond and forge friendships that last a lifetime!
  • Embracing base life – you’re based on purpose-built Military bases (not as scary as it may sound!), you’ll have access to first class facilities and work almost exclusively with the children of serving personnel. As working bases , you’ll get to see what happens on a day to day basis, and mix with those who are working there, with some bases even inviting you and the team into the “mess” to eat and relax.
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