Covid Adaptions for Kings Camps

We’re really pleased to be able to operate Kings Camps despite Covid-19 restrictions, providing meaningful work for staff and opportunity for children to get active, have fun and learn together.

Here’s some more information about how we’re operating our camps during this time.

Preparation for work & operating safely

Because of COVID-19, some of our operating procedures have been amended in line with government guidance (see Additional Operating Procedures below) and as part of our staff training and induction we shall be providing COVID-adapted information via 3 compulsory steps:

  1. Updated online learning course – Looking After Children
  2. Video call by staff team with our operations team prior to induction day
  3. COVID-adapted team induction day on the weekend prior to camp starting

Additional Operating Procedures for COVID-19

Having worked with over 2 million children throughout our 30-year history, we understand how to create safe environments where children can be active, have fun and learn with others.

In response to the unique challenge of COVID-19, we have developed and tested COVID-specific operating procedures, and these will be integrated into our standard operating procedures.

Our guiding principle for all policies and procedures is that we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Safer recruitment is central to the way we work and all staff and volunteers are expected to share our commitment to safeguarding, always creating an environment where young people feel safe and can thrive

COVID-specific procedures will be integrated into staff training, and our audit process to ensure they are adhered to.

Our procedures are available to all Kings Camps stakeholders including parents, programme personnel and venue personnel.

For further information about our operating procedures contact, Nick Brushett – Head of Operations –

1. Social distancing

Core principle: we will follow the latest distancing guidelines

  1. Reduced child-numbers
  2. Full-week extended bookings only
  3. No more than 15 children per group
  4. Child groups maintained throughout the week, with a consistent group leader
  5. Activities to be adapted to ensure distancing, including equipment use adaptions
  6. Higher emphasis on being outdoor
  7. Parents will not be allowed into the venue other than to a registration perimeter for contactless registration
  8. Staggered breaks and lunchtimes where facilities don’t allow multiple groups

2. Hygiene

Core principle: higher levels of hygiene are required

  1. Parents encouraged to provide their children with personal hand-sanitiser
  2. Staff expected to provide; and have with them at all times; personal hand-sanitiser
  3. Staff and children to wash their hands, either with hand-sanitiser, or at wash-basins, each time they enter and exit the site
  4. Stringent hand washing policy that includes before and after each activity session, breaks, lunchtimes and after toilet breaks
  5. Staff responsible for regular hygiene reminders
  6. Where direct contact occurs; for example, tending to First Aid; staff to wear protective gloves and wash hands afterwards
  7. Doors to be kept open where possible, especially for sports halls, toilets and changing rooms
  8. Adapted and restricted activities that involve touch
  9. Daily cleaning of equipment by our staff
  10. Parents encouraged to provide pens, books etc for their child to use during less-active sessions
  11. Regular cleaning of high-touch facilities by Kings staff (in addition to regular facility cleaning by venue)

3. Supervising children

Core principle: prioritising distancing and hygiene

  1. Staff to supervise hand-washing for under 8s and monitor over 8s
  2. Staff to be vigilant about signs of infection and follow government guidelines for responding to infection
  3. High priority to enforce distancing and hygiene practices listed in 1&2