Logging into your Kings Recruit Profile

Login details for online learning and managers reports can be found in your Kings Recruit Profile.

Click here to login

After logging in, click the ‘Contracts’ button, then scroll down to ‘Login Details’.


To Access Online Learning

Details of how to access online learning are found with your login details (follow the instructions above).


Manager’s Portal (Managers Only)

All the Registers, Staff Details and Forms are now in one place.
You will need your @kingscamps.org login details – if you don’t have them please see the top of this page for more info.
Click here to login


Report Login Problems

Your initial password for Manager Reports was created for you, so if you haven’t changed it then you can find it in your Kings Recruit Profile (see links at the top of this page). If you’ve changed your password but forgotten it, please drop us an email and we’ll reset it.
If you already have another Microsoft or Office 365 account, you will need to log out of that account first. Please click this link to check you’re already logged into another account.

  1. If you see a login screen, then you’re good to go (and can use the links above to login with your @kingscamps.org address)
  2. If you see a dashboard screen, you’re already logged in. Please check which account you’re logged in with (look at the top right of the screen).
    • If you’re logged in with your Kings Camps account, then you’re good to go (use the links above).
    • If you’re logged in with another account, then logout before using the links above.


Other Tips

  • Reports are best accessed on a laptop or desktop, rather than a phone or tablet
  • If you have a problems, try a different browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox)
  • Using Private Browsing (Internet Explorer) or Incognito Mode (Chrome) can prevent some login problems