Explore Multi-Active

Children love our Multi-Active programme. Based on decades of experience, we know exactly how to get children active whilst having fun. We constantly refresh our programmes, adding new games, creating new versions of classic sports and lots more. There’s also swimming, Wet Wednesdays and The Kings Games. What’s not to love?

More than fun and games

There’s more to our Multi-Active programme than meets the eye. It’s designed to develop lots of core skills including; teamwork, agility, strength, communication and confidence.

Through over 30 active games and sports, children aged 5-14 are grouped with others of a similar age to play together, make friends and learn from each other.

We offer a week long experience, building confidence and skills, through playing games and sports . Each day ends with awards and certificates and don’t forget, parents are invited to join us for The Kings Games on the final day of each week!

Sports coach with children

Ages 5-7

Younger members love Multi-Active. It enables them to try lots of new activities such as parachute games, circle games, swimming and lots of new sports. In these sessions coaches often focus on developing core skills such as agility, co-ordination and communication.

Ages 8-11

8-11 year olds benefit from longer, 45 minute sessions. Designed to enable learning and progression in a variety of sports, in addition to giving them the chance to develop their teamwork skills.

Ages 12-14

We know teens (12-14s) enjoy a challenge, which is why we channel their energy into hour-long sessions on our Multi Active programme. This focuses on sporting techniques for sports such as swimming and hockey, grouped challenges and individual pursuits designed to build confidence.

When booking a week with Kings Camps, you book for the whole day for the full experience. It’s up to you how you use the hours. If you would rather arrive a little later and pick up a little earlier that’s ok.

Booking your places has never been easier. You can book online (check out Dates & Prices) or call us on 0114 2632160. We offer a range of payment options, including monthly payments and payment via childcare vouchers.

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