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A magical sense of community

In 1991, inspired by US-style summer camps for kids, we decided that youngsters in the UK would love to experience school holiday camps too. It matters because children are out of school 40% of the year, and they deserve high quality, active, sociable and fun experiences during their time off.

Over a million youngsters have enjoyed our lively activity camps since 1991. We have significantly improved the children’s services provided by several household name holiday and leisure companies, and we work with more than 30,000 children every week in developing countries.

As a registered charity, we don’t work for profit. We work to serve and support Britain’s children and their families, and we champion children every step of the way. Your child will have the time of their lives on one of our hugely popular and fun kid camps.

Caring Kings Camps

When your child joins us they’ll instantly respond to our legendary warm and welcoming atmosphere, created by a team of expert coaches who really do care about the experiences children have on camp. It’s their job to make sure every child gets plenty of individual care and attention.
Thanks to our wonderful staff your child will easily, quickly make friends with other kids. They’ll feel right at home in no time, which means you can relax in the knowledge that your child is happy, relaxed and cared for.

Discover Jordan’s exciting journey with us

“When Jordan first joined us on camp he was having difficulties forming relationships, a sure sign that a child is uncomfortable or nervous. Jordan needed lots of positive attention and understanding, something we’re experts in. We worked closely with Jordan to help him adjust to life on camp and by day three he had formed a solid bond with our coaches. It was lovely to see him come out of his shell, even better to see him having the time of his life.

We helped Jordan grow his confidence with a proven, planned routine. By the end of the week he had come along in leaps and bounds, so confident that he fast became a role model for the younger children, helping them whenever he could. The smile on Jordan’s face at the end of camp said it all, and the new things he learned will stay with him forever.”

Our coaches all have that unique ‘Kings Factor’

When your child joins us on camp they’ll instantly feel the uniquely warm, safe and exciting community feeling created by our coaches. They inspire children by setting a positive example through individual contact and the activities they demonstrate. Their passion shines through and provides children like yours with powerful role models to look up to.

We feel humbled to have such a great team of individuals working with us, all of whom have that special ‘Kings factor’ that children respond so strongly to. Their energy, passion and commitment is remarkable. It’s heart-warming to see our ‘Red Tops’ revealing the thrill of a new activity to the youngsters in their care, helping them to overcoming challenges and develop self-confidence.

We truly believe in listening to parents and learning what’s best for children. Parents’ reviews help us to do exactly that, supporting the right decisions. It’s great to see parents rating our service at 98%, a consistent level of parent satisfaction that has led to us being awarded Gold Trusted Merchant status. We ask every parent for feedback about our camps, which helps us provide the very best kids day camps in Britain.

Unlike Tripadvisor and Google Reviews, we use Feefo, a closed invitation-only platform and only genuine members can write a review about Kings Camps.

The children always have a good time, so much so, that my son often complains when I pick him up at the end of the day!

Paul, parent

Unfailingly positive and supportive environment. My son’s first experience of Rookie camp, having been regular KC attendee over the years. He couldn’t have enjoyed it more, relishing the additional challenges

Louise, parent

Kings Camp is the best children’s club my daughter has been to. The staff were exceptionally welcoming and took the time to engage with her on arrival which was reassuring. Elena loved the staff and games even though she isn’t particularly sporty. I picked her up each day with a big smile on her face and she’s still talking about it weeks later

Anita, parent
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