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Multi-Active Camps

Multi-Active Camps

Multi-Active is suitable for children who want to enjoy an active lifestyle and healthy living. The new programme for 2017 offers new games, lots of swimming and activities for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy.

Our main activity & sports programme for 4 – 11’s. Loads of swimming, fitness warm-up’s and over 30 other games to get involved in throughout the week. Children are grouped with others of similar age and learn together, play together and be friends together!

There's something for everyone at Kings Camps

We are passionate about sport and will look to evolve as your child starts to progress, by teaching them key skills about different sports throughout the day. Children benefit from being in groups with children of similar age and ability, and each small group has their own dedicated coach.


For our younger members (Children aged 4 – 6) Multi-Active is a chance to try lots of new activities, including arts and crafts, parachute games, swimming games and sports. (**NOTE – 4 Year olds can attend the morning sessions only**).

Children aged 7 – 11 enjoy longer 45 minute sessions that help them to learn and progress in a variety of different sports, alongside team-building games.

We know teens (Children aged 12 to 17 years) enjoy a challenge, which is why we channel their energy into hour-long sessions on ourRookie programme, focusing on the techniques required for popular sports, such as cricket, football, swimming, basketball and hockey. With tournaments throughout, children develop quickly as they practice core skills.

With plenty of flexibility built into the timetable, our coaches tailor the activities ensuring children get the most from their time at Kings Camps.

Our Active Week Plus package offers extended hours (8.15am – 5.45pm) perfect for working parents and ensuring the full Kings Camps experience!  Or why not combine the Multi-Active package with ISS or ICS for a truly memorable week!

Every day ends with awards and certificates to celebrate achievements, and on Friday afternoons we invite parents to join us for The Kings Games – an opportunity to celebrate the week’s achievements, and of course, a few more games and surprises. Not to be missed!

Check out our typical day on camp guide, to see some of the things which happen on camp!

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Taster Week

8:30am - 12:30pm, daily

Active Week

9:30am - 4:00pm, daily

Active Week Plus

8:15am - 5:45pm, daily

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