Uniform Policy

Ensuring you represent Kings Camps well starts with your uniform! Please read our guide below to ensure that you look your very best as a Red Top!

Why uniform is important

Staff uniform is an important part of our brand, the predominantly red design has given rise to ‘Red Tops’ as a description of our staff. Uniform aligns team identity and clearly identifies Kings Camps staff to parents, children and other key stakeholders.

The Kings Camps Staff Code of Conduct (See 3: Code of Conduct) must be followed when a uniform is worn.

All staff are required to wear uniform throughout their working hours. Uniform must not be worn outside working hours, except for travelling to and from work.

Staff are expected to ensure their uniform items are clean and presentable. We reserve the right to ask staff to wear new items should they not meet our brand standards.

For safeguarding purposes, at the end of your employment with us, uniform items must be destroyed or returned to us. Items must not donated to third parties (this includes charity shops).

Items that need replacing due to damage or loss are considered on a case by case basis to determine the liability for the cost of replacement items.

Requesting Uniform

One full uniform (consisting of 1 sweatshirt, 3 t-shirts, 2 pairs of shorts and a lanyard) is provided for all new members of staff, at no charge. Simply select your size when signing your contract.

Your uniform will be delivered to the first venue at which you are working. You will need to collect it at Induction Day.

Returning staff members will be given the opportunity to request additional items before starting work, subsequent uniform items can be requested via the Kings Camps shop.

During camp, additional uniform requests must go via the Regional Manager and resourced from the Regional Pack.

Uniform exceptions

Plain navy sports legwear, such as tracksuit bottoms or sports leggings, can be worn as an alternative to shorts but fashion statements, branded items or non-sportswear will not be suitable and you will be asked to change into appropriate uniform by your
Site or Regional Manager.

Additional items should not be worn unless for cold or warm weather (for example, a sun hat).

Lanyards must not be decorated, they must remain legible and visible at all times.

Trousers can be requested on a case by case basis – please speak to your Recruiter for details.

Uniform and Swimming

In order to be easily identified on poolside, Swimming Teachers will receive yellow t-shirts within their uniform pack.

It is expected that staff will wear swim support t-shirts and navy shorts or leggings whilst supporting swimming sessions.

Swim support t-shirts (2 x Medium and 2 x XL) will be included in the camp equipment.

Swim support t-shirts must be rinsed, dried and returned within the swim equipment.

Uniform distribution

The Site Manager is responsible for distributing uniforms at Induction Day and returning unused uniform as it was issued.

During camp, the Site Manager has a responsibility to report missing or required items for any of their staff team to the Regional Manager.

Uniform requests during camp should be resourced by the Regional Manager from the Regional Pack.

Regional Managers are responsible for ensuring their uniform stock is up to date.

Top-ups should be requested through the Operations Team and uniform logs returned weekly.