Brand new to the UK, we’re really excited to feature TriVolle as part of our Multi-Active programme this summer.

Taking inspiration from volleyball, TriVolle takes a soft rubber ball, slightly larger than a cricket ball and a mini-trampoline looking net, mix a little bit of athletic skill and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a simple, engaging game that our coaches will be having lots of fun with.

We’re very excited to have teamed up with the TriVolle team to ensure the children of Kings Camps are amongst the first to discover this latest sport.


Hailing from the USA (known over there as Spikeball), the object of this 360 degree game is simple – to hit the ball off the net so your opponent can’t return it.

Here’s what you can expect from TriVolle.

TriVolle will be at EVERY Kings Camps venue in the school summer holidays, with our coaches leading special #TriVolleTuesday events across the country.

Check out our very first attempt at playing the game ourselves and look out for more #TriVolleTuesday activities on Facebook