Our virtual training events use Skype for Business.
You will be sent an invite to the event with a link which allows you to join a specific event.
You ALWAYS join our events as a guest, so you DO NOT sign-in with a username and password.
Please select ‘Join Meeting’ and enter your name – no password is needed.

Here’s what you should be seeing on your screen.


Windows Guide

1. Meeting Invite via Email:

2. Link opens in a browser:

3. Click Item No.1 to download the browser plug-in:

4. Run the downloaded file:

5. Click the email link again, which will open the browser again – this time select ‘Join the Meeting’:

6. A new window opens, allowing you to join the meeting as a guest. Enter your name and click Join:

7. Setup your camera and microphone:

8. You will then join the meeting.

Note the microphone and camera icons at the bottom – they should not have diagonal lines through them (otherwise your audio and/or video are disabled).


Android Guide

1. Click the link from our email

2. Install the app


3. Click the link on our email again, which will launch the app


4. You will join the meeting but your Mic and Camera will be OFF by default. Click the camera and microphone icons at the bottom to enable your audio and video.


5. Sometimes people in the meeting will share their screen which you will need to ‘Accept’



iPhone and iPad Guide

1. Click the link in our email which will open a Safari and prompt you download the Skype for Business App (if you don’t have it)

2. Once installed, go back to the email and click the link again. This time it will ask if you want to open the ‘Business’ app (Skype for Business)

3. Click ‘Join Meeting’ (NOT: Sign In). Enter join name and click the arrow.




3b. If you only see the ‘Sign In’ screen below, then you need the close the App (double-click the home button and swipe away the app). Unfortunately there currently isn’t a way to go back from this screen!, so you need to close the app.

4. Join the meeting. Unmute your audio (microphone button), and enable video (video camera button).


5. If you ‘hang-up’ you will be taken to messaging screen where you can re-join the audio/video conference using the top-right icon, or exit completely with button at the bottom.