30 Summer Camp Activities

We’re all about sport

Since we started Kings Camps over 25 years ago, we have always had a focus on making sport enjoyable for all. So on camp we have loads of sporting activities so there is something for everyone, from the mainstream sports like football, hockey, cricket, tennis, rugby, basketball, netball and athletics through to more niche one’s like ultimate frisbee, lacrosse and archery.


For the little one’s

Our programme is designed specifically for different age groups to make sure everyone on camp has a great time! Thats why for the younger children we have developed a series of circle games which are fun and really interactive.


For the teens

All children on camp get grouped with children of a similar age and for the older one’s we do more sports focused sessions, which are a bit longer and include some training on technique from our qualified team of Red Tops!


Making a splash

We know kids LOVE swimming and thats why we’re making a big deal about this and adding extra sessions (at venues with pools), so you can be sure that your children will diving, paddling and gliding more during a week long programme.


Play, chant and move

‘Duck, duck, goose’ or ‘Giant rock, paper, scissors’ are some of the kids favourites on camp, along with parachute games, ultimate dodgeball and capture the flag. These group games get children interacting with each other, gaining confidence and most of all, having fun!


Daily & weekly events

We pack every day with fun activities for age specific groups, but at lunch we all get together to have a laugh at the expense of our Red Tops in the ‘Coaches Challenge’.

For most us Wednesday is another day in the week, for kids on camp it’s WET WEDNESDAY, so grab the water guns, pick up a water bomb or soak a big sponge for a load of water based games.

The Kings Games is our end of week event is when we encourage parents to come down and watch the skills your children have learnt throughout the week and get involved in our finale!


Archery Tag!

Archery Tag is the new game which is taking the world by storm (and will be at selected camps this summer). This exciting, action packed sport is like a big game of dodgeball played with bows and foam-tipped arrows.
AIM, FIRE, RUN!!!!!!!!



Here are a selection of sports and activities we do on camp each week:
#1 Kwik-cricket, #2 netball, #3 basketball, #4 water polo, #5 dodgeball, #6 hockey, #7 ultimate frisbee, #8 football, #9 swimming, #10 rugby, #11 athletics, #12 volleyball, #13 badminton, #14 tennis, #15 rounders, #16 handball, #17 aerobics, #18 mini golf, #19 climbing, #20 lacrosse.

#21 Capture the flag, #22 Mini Olympics, #23 Jailbreak, #24 Cross the River, #25 King of the Ring, #26 Aussie relays, #27 Seven steps to Heaven, #28 Petica, #29 Wild Birds, #30 Obstacle Courses.

Plus loads of fun games too like….
‘Duck, Duck, Goose’, ‘Giant rock, paper, stone’, Parachute Games, Dance party, Circus skills, Magic Circle, Psychic Coach, Treasure Hunt, Empire State, Shaman, Around the World and Spirit Sticks.


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