Happy Walk to School Week! Living Streets is encouraging families up and down the country to ditch the car and walk to school for a whole week to improve health and well-being.

Why walk to school?
A generation ago, 70% of children walked to school. Now it’s less than half. The journey to and from school is a perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors and get active.

Here’s just some of the reasons you should consider introducing walking into your child’s daily routine, shared by Living Streets:

  • Walking increases productivity – which means a better start to the school day
  • Doing a little exercise, like walking, is proven to increase happiness
  • Walking just one mile burns 100 calories
  • We use 200 muscles each time we take a step

Ready for the ‘School Stride’?
If you want to take part in Walk to School week, our Red Tops have come up with some amazing ideas to help you make the walk to school even more FUN! Don’t worry if you live too far away to walk – consider parking within walking distance so you can still get those legs moving!

  • I Spy: Turn your walk into a huge ‘I Spy’ game. Let your child lead the game and encourage them to take in their surroundings.
  • Watch Your Step: Make up different rules for each part of the walk. For example, on a paved path – avoid the cracks, when you walk past particular houses – tip toe, and when you walk through the park – you have to run!
  • Walk like animals: Write down lots of animals on small pieces of paper and place them in a bowl. Pick one each day as you leave the house and use that to inspire your walk to school. From dogs and cats, to tigers and snakes, go wild!
  • Count Your Steps: If you want to take walking to the next level, each wear a pedometer. Count your steps and set daily, weekly and even monthly steps!

How will you be enjoying Walk to School Week? Head over to Facebook and let us know…