The insistence throughout schools for competitive sports is alienating many children from exercise, rather than encouraging them, which is said to be fuelling the childhood health epidemic.

The government is encouraging youth sport, however this is driven through traditional, competitive sports in schools, a programme introduced this school year by Michael Grove.

Many children are turned off by normal team sports, with many modern sports such as Frisbee, cheerleading and dance not being considered in most school sports programmes.

Will Norman, ThinkTank’s director of research, said: “Kids want to do much more informal sports like street running, parkour and Zumba-type activities that are very flexible, can be done wearing different types of clothing.”

“Competitive sports will work for some people. But if we want to get the most inactive active, we need to change our thinking. We need a philosophy that’s driven by the people we are trying to target and not provide things that the most inactive don’t want to do”.

Kings Camps have focussed on inclusivity for many years now, making activity enjoyable and free from pressure, so that children will develop a love for being active through normal sports or the more modern activities.

In the last 3 years Kings Camps has introduced various new sports and activities such as Ultimate Frisbee, the Morning dance warm-up and bench ball. The idea is to ensure that all children have the opportunity to get involved in activity and enjoy it!