When attending a full day at Kings Camps children need to bring a healthy packed lunch, as well as some snacks for the morning and afternoon breaks, to keep them full of energy for all the activities they’ll be taking part in.

Here’s our top tips for lunches that will keep even the fussiest of eaters happy!

  • Swap boring sandwiches for something different – bagels or a ‘build your own wrap’ are usually a popular option
  • Why not use humus or pesto in place of butter for a tastier option?
  • Throw in some healthy extras – sticks of carrot and pepper, as well as chopped fruit. Children are much more likely to eat fruit and veg if it’s bite-sized + already peeled for them!
  • Ditch the bread and go for a pasta or cous-cous salad instead – just don’t forget to include a fork!
  • Fruit kebabs and jelly pots are usually always a hit with children.

healthy packed lunch

Here’s some of our favourite meat-free options (which will hopefully be useful for children attending our Liverpool camp at King David High School, where meat and shellfish products aren’t allowed):

  • Meat Free BLT – Quorn meat free bacon slice, mayo, lettuce & tomato
  • Brie & grape
  • Houmous and salad
  • Grated apple & cheese
  • Tuna, cream cheese & cucumber
  • Cottage cheese & pineapple
  • Egg mayo
  • Cucumber & cream cheese.

Please also remember…

Your child will enjoy sports and activities throughout the day so will be very active whilst on camp – therefore they will need to bring plenty of drinks, or a water bottle which children can re-fill throughout the day, and some snacks for the morning and afternoon breaks.water bottles LARGE

As we unfortunately don’t have refrigeration on camps parents often ask us how they can keep their children’s cool, especially during the summer. We ensure that packed lunches are stored out of direct sunlight, and in a cool as possible area on camp, however here are some ideas for keeping things cool:

  • Use an insulated bag with an ice-pack (from the freezer) to pack your child’s lunch in on really hot days, or choose a lunchbox with a built-in freezer block
  • Freeze yoghurt or drinks cartons – take it out in the morning and it should have defrosted by lunchtime, keeping the other lunch items cool too!
  • Pack salad ingredients separately, rather than within sandwiches – there’s nothing worse than a soggy sandwich!

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